Meet Chiddy Bankz of the 3 New Love Guests Introduced into the Ultimate Love Pad: Bio

The Ultimate love Pad has just seen the introduction of three (3) new love guests. The show which is now obviously taking a new dimension due to the introduction of new love guests. Although the reason behind the change cannot be far-fetched as a show which started with sixteen love guests saw the introduction of four love guests in barely a week and now three new love guests.

However, I believe Aunty introduced the new love guests into the Ultimate love pad to spice things up and probably add flare and balance followings Uche’s voluntary decision to leave the love pad. Hence, it’s believed that the newly introduced love guests will bond and mingle with the existing love guests already in the house. Hopefully, there will be an opportunity to swap partners and make acquaintance with new ones.

 The 3 new love guests introduced to the love pad

Friday 21st February 2020 saw the introduction of three love guests to spiece up the show and increase suspense and drama in the ultimate love pad. The are two handsome guys and a lovely lady, and their names are




In the 3 new ultimate love guest include Chiddy Bankz who is obviously in search of true love and happiness in the ultimate love pad. He is a tall, fair and handsome young promising man in quest of true love, but can one of the ladies in the love pad fulfill his heart desire? Prior to his entrance into the ultimate love pad, Chiddy Bankz, when asked his idea of ultimate love, was brief and straight to point.

In his response, he said “My idea of ultimate love is finding true happiness” and hopefully, I believe he finds it in the ultimate love pad. Let’s keep our fingers and watch events unfold itself. Keep up with us at everyevery.ng and we will bring you up to date gist and gossip as the show goes on.

Bio of Chiddy Bankz of the Ultimate Love Reality TV Show season 1

Name: Chiddy Bankz

Age: 34

Gender: Male

State of Origin: Enugu State

Occupation: HR Manager / Entrepreneur

Status: Single

Hobbies: Watching Movies

Who do you think Chiddy Bankz will be pairing with?

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