The Ultimate Couple Declaration Of War

Barely a week from the revealing of the list of nominated Ultimate Couples Love Guests, the couples vow to settle scores on their next nomination.

The voting lines are open with Micherry, Iykeresa, ObiEbi, PreshDavid, and Chivia all up for possible eviction. The Love Couples are already debating the reasons behind the nominations and overlooking the fact that this is a required part of the game.

While Aunty instructed the Ultimate Love Couples not to look into the nomination process as a personal assault, as things stand in the Love Pad, a nomination is a war declaration.

Unhappy Ultimate Couple

Ultimate Couple

When it came time to stand for nominated couples, the realization that the game started registered and now the blame game has begun. Also, the search for the logic behind why some couples were nominated started, and it did not end well with the housemates.

Micherry and Theresa felt that some of the housemates wanted them out of the house, and they have accepted the challenge. However, more than anything, the Love Couple seems to be looking for all the reasons why they were nominated, forgetting the fact that its a game.

As the days progress, it will be interesting to see how the next nominations will be because seemingly everyone has a score to settle in the Love Pad.

As Aunty said, it’s a game at the same they’re in the Love Pad to find Ultimate Love, their focus should be Loving their partners and worrying less about who and why they’re nominated.

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