The Tragic Story Of Motara

Until the beggar’s video saga that became viral, many might not have heard about the lady identified as Motara except for the prominent users of Twitter Ng platform.

The young lady who hails from Ibadan in Oyo State is an influencer on microblogging app; Twitter.

Many young Nigerians have made names for themselves on this app via their savage tweets and engagements among which is Motara.

If many had become very popular for positive reasons, Motara has taken the negative routes which might have dampened her image as a public figure.

The Rise Of Motara

Although little is known about the young, beautiful, and charismatic lady; social media users got to know more about Motara when she opened up about her humble beginning.

Just few days ago, the social media influencer told her story to inspire a fellow user who insisted that God hasn’t answered her prayers. Motara took the opportunity to share her story in a Twitter thread on her page.

According to her tweets, she stated that she and her brother were raised by their mother after her father had dumped them while she was 6.

Motara Shares Her Life Story
Motara shares her life story

The mother hawked for them to survive even though the father is alive. Motara shared how she combined doing menial jobs with studying to pay her tuition fees & keep up because the money raised by (mother) hawking on the streets won’t take care of the family.

She concluded her story by stating that she’s comfortable now and can take care of her mother even though not to her satisfaction because she still hawks on the street.

Many Nigerians felt her pain even though some still dragged her for living a better life while the mother hawks.

Her touching story might have inspired others who are at the point of giving up. It was also on the path of changing her mother’s life for the better until she did the unreasonable.

The Fall Of Motara

Things fell apart after Motara had posted a video of herself teasing a beggar while taking an energy drink in her car. She posted the video on social media platforms that made her and got what she didn’t ask for.

The Tragic Story Of Motara 1

According to her, she had posted the video so as to ‘catch cruise’ only to hunt her since then.The video started trending and she got dragged for what has been tagged a “wicked” act.

The aftermath of video was strange after she lost some of her deal, including the one she had with a Non Governmental Organisation, NGO.

Her Twitter account was also suspended on the bird app even though the video has travelled wide.

Twitter Ng didn’t spare her as they came hard on her with comments on the video. Some of the app’s users stated that she disgraced her mother’s colleague (the young girl she taunted in the video) while others begged to spare her.

It’s a case of rise to fall for the social media influencer who was on the path of enriching her family. Time will surely tell where her tragic story would end.

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