Crossdressing Business And The Top 3 Nigerian Crossdressers

“Join this cross-dressing business, there is money in it is one of the statements recently credited to Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, who is undoubtedly the most popular Nigerian crossdresser.

No doubt, Bobrisky is cashing out big time from the business so much that he recommended it for other Nigerian youths who find it challenging to make ends meet. 

It is becoming evident that the cross-dressing business is gaining prominence among Nigerian youths, not just for the fun of being a crossdresser but because of the high rate of unemployment and poverty in the land.

For Bobrisky, who always find a way of making it into entertainment news from time to time, he is proud of what brings food to his table.  He has also cultivated the habit of giving back to the less privileged, as he even flaunts his wealth on social media.

Recently, Bobrisky became the talk of the town as many of his fans joined the trend of drawing his Tattoo on their body either to indicate loyalty or to gain his attention, which automatically translates into financial gains for them.

Aside from Bobrisky and the controversies around him, so many other young Nigerians have picked interest in the cross-dressing business for reasons best known to them.

The Top 3 Crossdressers In Nigeria

EveryEvery.ng gathered that some Nigerian crossdressers are either in the limelight or making efforts to breaking into the cross-dressing business in Nigeria.

Nigerian Crossdresser

1.Idris Okuneye (Bobrisky): He has established himself as the one sitting on the number one spot among other Nigerian crossdressers, not without so many controversies around him.

Bobrisky, at a point, had issues with some celebrities, including his former friend and actress, Tonto Dikeh, Nkechi Sunday Blessing, Abubakar Halima, among others.

2.James Brown: This is another crossdresser who gained prominence because of a grammatical blunder he committed some time ago when he was arrested among other people accused of being gay in Lagos State. 

Crossdressing Business And The Top 3 Nigerian Crossdressers
James Brown.

Ever since his release from the police station, he has tried to put Bobrisky and other crossdressers on their toes. 

James Brown, who described himself as the Princess of Africa, is undoubtedly out to give Bobrisky a run for his money as he had made it clear that he intended to dethrone Bobrisky as the number one crossdresser in Nigeria.

3.Jay Boogie: Daniel Anthony, also known as Jay Boogie, is another famous Nigerian crossdresser who is topping the charts. He once bragged that he could go to a wedding and steal other women’s husbands.

Meanwhile, many Nigerians have expressed divergent views over the prominence of cross-dressing among Nigerian youths; some believe that the Nigerian government has not done enough to engage the youths, leading many who could not engage in cybercrime to choose cross-dressing.

Crossdressing Business And The Top 3 Nigerian Crossdressers 2
Jay Boogie.

Others opined that parents need to do more to ensure that their children don’t get exposed to peer pressure that could negatively influence them.

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