The Cons of dating your classmate.

There are certain pros and cons of dating a classmate but we are here to examine some cons. Okay, I’m not saying the relationship wouldn’t work at all. According to a popular saying, “love conquers all”. There are even classmates all around the world who have graduated from school and gone on to marry each other. However, there some things to have in mind before you ask them out.

Think of your first crush, you probably know him/her from your neighborhood or your school. And at your school, your class. Did you ever think of turning it into something deeper than a crush? Or did you sit and daydream about what your kids would be like daily whenever you see him/her in class.

The thrill and excitement vanishes

While dating a classmate the spark in the relationship may disappear because of the long hours you all spend together. Some relationships thrive when there’s a little mystery. You may eventually get bored when that excitement and rush you feel while getting to know your individual partner disappears.


Everybody likes their personal space, some more than others. However, dating a classmate doesn’t guarantee that. All human beings are social animals, which means we have the tendency to make friends even with the opposite gender. Your partner may get irrationally jealous or paranoid whenever they see you interacting with the opposite gender even if the interaction is harmless.

The breakup

How do you handle having to see each other at every class after a breakup? Especially if the breakup wasn’t mutual. There would certainly be some awkwardness between both of you and you may end up feeling uneasy whenever they’re around.

Generally, opinions vary when it comes to dating and relationships. While some may agree with these, others feel it should not be an issue. You have to look for what suits you and then you go for it. It doesn’t matter whether one is in your class or not. Leave your opinions in the comments!

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