Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (174): The Battle Between Buhari And Religious Leaders

Buhari And Religious Leaders

Egbon: Con see the thing wey I dey always talk about wey you go dey talk say naa complain I dey complain ontop Buhari government, you see say no be only me dey talk the matter now

Mazi: I don already tell you say, naa you get your mouth and you get right to take talk wetin you wan talk, anyways, naa who be those people wey join you talk again?

Egbon: Nobody join me talk, dem talk their own as dem see am ni

Mazi: Still and still, naa who be the people

Egbon: Dem say Bishop Mathew Kukah for Sokoto don accuse Bubu say him government no do well, naso Lai Mohammed con warn other religious leaders o for the country

Mazi: But, wetin make Lai dey warn dem, hey dem talk anything wey no follow?

Egbon: According to Lai o, him say, the way wey Kukah plus other people dey talk be like say dem no want make Naija remain as one country, say dem wan divide the country

Buhari And Religious Leaders

Mazi: If naa true say dem talk fit cause division too, make dem no dey talk anyhow again now, at least dem suppose know say the position wey dem dey no be the one wey dem fit dey talk things wey no follow

Egbon: My brother, dem no dey talk wetin no follow, naa true talk dem dey talk and no be Kukah go first talk that kind thing

The Battle Between Buhari And Religious Leaders
Bishop Mathew Kukah.

Mazi: Ehn ehn, naa who don talk that kind thing before

Egbon: Sultan of Sokoto, even that Emir wey dem commot plus many other people don talk that kind thing for this country and the long and short of the thing wey dem talk naa say make Buhari government do wetin him suppose do

Mazi: Well, that one no be bad talk if naa so dem dey talk am, but if naa the kind talk wey fit make one religion or tribe carry fight go meet another one, naa that one I no dey support

Egbon: My brother, make we no dey deceive ourselves, you see this government ehn, dem no like to dey hear true

Mazi: Well, my own naa say make anybody nob dey use mouth talk the thing wey fit cause Yam pepper scatter scatter, make peace fit reign

Egbon: Imagine the way wey Bandits take carry one Pastor plus him wife go for Kaduna, shey that one no reach make religious leaders chuck mouth put for Security matter

Mazi: Naa the same thing we dey talk, naa the eye wey we dey take look am dey different, I no talk say make religious leaders no talk, but still make dem no talk something wey go lead to the thing wey go too full mouth

Ubong King Died Of COVID-19 Complications

Egbon: Ok o, Mazi, this COVID-19 something still dey kill people for nail plus many other countries o 

Mazi: The wan wey con dey pain me naa say many people still dey think say naa Joke o, dem dey talk say government wan use am scam dem

Egbon: You see that government own, we go talk am later, but as for say whether the thing real, people suppose don see say naa real Palava the thing be o

Mazi: Naa inside Newspaper I dey read am say the Minister for Women Affairs for Naija don carry the virus

Egbon: My brother, as you read that one, nano, I hear say one popular Entrepreneur coach, Ubong King don Pai sake of this same COVID-19 something o

Mazi: Chai, that man dead pain me o, naa one of my Business partner wey dey follow him teaching ontop social media call me say the man don Pai o

Egbon: I know con understand why some people never still believe say this virus no be Joke true true o, imagine the kind situation wey him family go dey now

Mazi: You sabi the thing wey dey surprise for ontop the matter of those people wey no believe this thing ehn?

Egbon: Talk am make I hear you

Mazi: My own wonder naa say, even if the virus no dey, shey naa crime to dey wash hands, use face mask plus hand sanitizer?

Egbon: I wonder too o and the thing wey dem no know naa say naa for dem own sake, I wan dey go my house Jare

Mazi: Ok o, take care

Muhammadu Buhari

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