The 4 confraternities in The Love Pad

Confrantanities now exist in the isolated house where the contestants of the love reality show, Ultimate Love, reside called Love Pad. The contestants called Love Guests are on a mission of finding a life partner, and according to their host, Aunty, they are meant to live in love with their co housemates even in a while coping with the tension of the contest.

The relationship between the Love Guests, which began as a thoroughly blended mix of love and unity, has unfortunately turned the other way with different factions of confraternities springing up.

The Confraternities In The Love Pad
The Confraternities in the Love Pad

Many of the Love Guests have now found a group that fits into their plight, reactions, and mindsets. Due to discussions that come up after discussions and outpouring of venom from Love Guests, most of them now have their peace identifying with some couples than the other.

Let’s take a look at the different confraternities present in the house, their members, and possible reasons they have come to be.


1. Preshdavid, Iykeresa and Jaykech

This seems to be the most populated confraternity in the Love Pad for now. With Presh Talker, David, Iyke, Theresa, Jay, and Nkechi as members of this group, you should expect a lot of things to happen there. The question is, what brought these guys together? What is responsible for these Love Guests sticking together by pitching their tents so firmly. What are their relationships with other Love Guests like?

Confraternities, Jaykech, Preshdavid And Iykeresa
Confraternities, Jaykech, Preshdavid and Iykeresa

Preshdavid, for instance, had issues with most of the Love Guests from the beginning of their relationship. The genesis of the problem came from David’s relationship with Rosie and the transition to Presh Talker. You will recall how almost everybody in the Love Pad clamped down on him when he chose Presh Talker over Rosie despite their public display of affection, including a passionate kiss.

The kissing aspect of the scenario was the highlight for a lot of Love Guests, including Jay, who was a leading condemning voice. Rosie did not take this lightly but needed to continue her life after finding love with Kachi. David became an automatic enemy for Kachi, Ebiteinye, and Obickukwu, who did not only hate his betrayal of Rosie but because she is their very good friend.

Though David might not appear to be a full flesh enemy for Obichukwu and Chris, they knew things might not be more than just being co- love guests between them and him. So when Presh Talker got into the scene, she applied the formula “ the enemy of my friend is my enemy” to the situation.

This explains the reason Preshdavid might not be expected in the camps of some of the couples in the Love Pad. He also knows this after stressing that he is seen as the black sheep of the show.

Kachi embarked on a reconciliation mission, in a bid to straighten things up between himself, Rosie, David and Presh Talker, but it is clear that the battle is not over despite that.


Iykeresa is a couple that has not been able to hide their feelings to a lot of couples in the Love Pad, especially to Chris. You will remember the rumble between Iyke, Theresa, and Chris and how it ended. The age difference between Chris and this couple did not safe her from the fireworks she got when she crossed their path. Normalcy may seem to have returned, but they even drew a borderline between them, and the three of them may not be ready to cross it anytime soon. So if you did not see Chris’ name in this confraternity, the reason might not be far from this.


Jay and Nkechi have shown that they are on the show to mind their business and are too mature for bitterness or side talks, but their new attachment with Iykeresa and Preshdavid has revealed their alignment. Just like a Nigerian Musician, Falz sang about joining gangs, Jay and Nkechi might have joined this gang either consciously or otherwise.
The discussions going on the group will explain to your their aims and objectives and as well give you an idea of the name they may like to provide their confraternity.

2. Roksie and Obiebi

For Rosie, Kachi, Obichukwu, and Ebiteinye might be the first established confraternity in the Love Pad. Their friendship has weathered different storms and might be more potent than we see. They ensure they support themselves, stick together, support each other’s relationships, and give advice when necessary. If you cross the path of one, you cross the path of all.

Before the Love Guests picked partners, Rosie and Ebiteinye had several talks on how to go about it. Rosie advised Ebiteinye on how to be strong and building self-esteem. For Obichukwu and Kachi, the love between their women glued them together, and they are somehow enjoying the ride.

3. Roksie and Bolar

There could be more to this confraternity than we know, and there are different sides to all stories.
This is another confraternity that will interest you, and the personalities involved will interest you.

Confraternities, Bolar And Roksie
Confraternities, Bolar and Roksie

For Rosie and Bolanle, who are the ladies in this group, they are not in the good book of so many Love Guests in the Love Pad. The ladies have been tagged different names like Assistant Aunty, Mummy, landlady to the annoyance of the housemates.

According to the Love Guests, Rosie is being hated for the way she behaves like mothers to them and how she gets strict with them sometimes. Statements like, “ nobody is anybody’s mother here, we are all Love Guests” have been told when reacting to her activities in the Love Pad. For Bolar, even her partner Arnold complains about the way she interferes in people’s issues and spread information around the Love Pad.

She has received several knocks for her akproko business, with the viewers complaining about it. It got serious to the point that her Aunty sent her a message from home, cautioning her on some of the habits she has exhibited.

So for Arnold and Kachi having their women in the black book of other Love Guests, this might be the common factor that has brought them together. The name for this particular group will be funny if it comes to naming each group.

4. Doublechris and Chivia

These couples are kind of the neutral ones in the Love Pad. They have no particular enemy or favorite couple in the Love Pad. Chris has said it several that she is not ready to be engaged in any side talk or gossip with anyone, stressing that she is on the show to find love.

Confraternities On Ultimate Love, Double Chris
Confraternities on Ultimate Love, double Chris

According to her, the ladies in the Love pad are complaining that she has withdrawn from them. Chris Ville is a very sharp and jovial guy, he plays with everyone and keeps himself lively as much as possible.

If you are ready to play, you might find Chris Ville available in your camp. He and Chris have severally reiterated that they will never be found on the gossip web.

The same goes for Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia; they are game with everyone. Nothing crosses their path and sticks as an offense. They instead are together, do intimacy talks, and get to know themselves. Gossip might not be one of their strengths, after all.

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