The 1st Exciting Steamy Sex Session In The Love Pad

The first exciting steamy sex session Class on Ultimate Love was hosted by Olawunmi Esan, the Sex Master class covered sex and everything therein in relationships and marriages.

The excitement of the love guest was seen by all when they discovered that they would be talking about sex. I think it was a welcome Development for most as they hadn’t broached the subject with their partners before.

Sex Session

Olawunmi Esan, the renowned sex trained Psychotherapist, who specialises as a sex therapist & coach, anchored the class and opened the floor by inquiring from the housemates what they wanted to know and ask about sex. The housemates took her up on her juicy offer and the barrage of sex-related questions floored the house. It could be likened to the flood gates being opened.

The buck of the questions centered on how they first learned about sex, when, in which many of the housemates pointed out that it was in secondary/ high school. Although some of the housemates mentioned that their parents were the first to educate them on sex related talks. What the viewers took from this question segment was that, there was no novice in the house when it came to sex.

Sex Session

Sex before marriage

The lifelong question on whether to have sex before marriage or not. The love guest unanimously agreed that sex before marriage is something they all agree on. The housemates are of the opinion that sex before marriage allows them to see if they are things they don’t like and can’t deal before the marriage commitment.

This allows them, as they say, a chance to not be shocked or surprised by their encounters.

Sex in marriage

How do you make time for sex as a married couple? This is one of the questions the Love Guests had to workaround. Esan pointed out that scheduling sex was an option they needed to look into.

She further explained that why sex with partners who aren’t married or living together is exciting is because of the anticipation of the next time the couple were to be together, while married couples tend to have a lot of distractions and tend to forget.

Needs in marriage

Sex Session

The Couple also had to understand that marriage involves a lot of compromises and that one partner needs to make sure the other one isn’t deprived of their sexual needs.

The topic also covered what challenges Couples go through in their sex lives and what should be the solution if such challenges arise.

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