Tension as Young Ritualists Bath in Day Light (pics)

While two young ritualists where bathing during the day on a busy Abia State road, passers-by we were tensed up as they watched in fear.

In what is never a scene so typical to see, two young men suspected to be internet fraudsters also known by many as yahoo boys were seen coming out of a car wearing only boxers.

As onlookers gather to see why they would be so dressed, they started bathing right on the road, but the weirdest was yet to happen.

Just as they concluded the bathing session, a man also came down from the car’s back, tying a red cloth.

The man whose identity could only be explained as a herbalist quickly swung into action as he performed a ritual on them.

The tension in the environment lasted for the ritual exercise duration, while the two young ritualists and the herbalist rushed into the vehicle and zoomed off.

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