TCN Restores Electricity Lost from National Grid

The Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN has revealed that it recently restored the electricity that crashed from the country’s National Grid.

It was gathered that the power supply in Nigeria rebounded on Sunday, from the shocking decline recorded on Saturday when the electricity supply in the country drastically reduced by 47.3% to 37,440.1MWh, which is the lowest level since the recovery from the national grid collapsed in March.

Earlier, the energy sent out surged by 114.7% to stand at 80,382.73MWh, accounting for 98.74% of the total 81,405.31MWh generated. Despite the improvement in energy supply and generation is still way below desired levels as Nigeria requires at least 105,000MWh of daily supply.

Also, according to the data, which was obtained from the TCN, energy generation peaked at 3,658.8MW, which is 11.5% higher than the 3,281.5MW recorded on Saturday, while the lowest was 3,117.4MW.

Similarly, the highest frequency for the day was 50.82Hz, while the lowest frequency was 49.14Hz.

According to the Minister of Power, Aliyu Abubakar, the national grid collapsed as a result of vandals, which disrupted the transmission tower between Akwa Ibom and Cross River states, leading to yet another blackout.

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