Tanzanian President Opens Up About Relationship With Husband

Samia Suluhu, the President of Tanzania has opened up about her husband since the assumption of office.

Samia (61) became the first female president of Tanzania after the death of John Magufuli who has only spent a year in his second tenure as the President of the East African country.

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Speaking about the relationship with her husband since the assumption of office, the Tanzanian number one citizen stated that she still kneel for her husband.

Samia Suluhu stated that she knelt before her husband not because she’s inferior but because of love and affection.

 Samia Suluhu
Samia Suluhu

Samia Suluhu said that such tradition should not be thrown out as it strengthens the family bond and ensures children are brought up with good manners.

In her words, “Some of you will say we are equal in all aspects of society, No! That’s not the correct position. Even as vice president, I will kneel before my husband. I don’t kneel because I am inferior; it’s because of love and affection.

Don’t leave this tradition so we can strengthen the bond of our families and bring up our children through good manners.” she added.

Suluhu married Hafidh Ameir, an agricultural officer who, by 2014, had retired. The couple are blessed with four children.

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