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Yemi Cregx is many things, and one of them is a Yoruba Demon. As a Yoruba Demon, he has been blessed with the gift to sweep any woman off her feet. He proved his romantic power in the house by getting two women obsessed with him. Though he admitted his attraction to Blue Aiva, he made it clear, Khosi is the girl in his heart.

Fans have continually questioned the love shared between Khosi and Yemi Cregx. The stars have come under fire due to their disloyalty towards each other. While in the house, Yemi Cregx sought affection in the arms of Blue Aiva. Additionally, Khosi sought affection in the arms of Thabang.

With all the attention Khosi is getting from the remaining fellows in the Big Brother Titans Reality TV Show, her supposed ‘houseband’ she’s in ship with, that is Yemi Cregx, decided to snub her for reasons best known to him.

Big Brother franchise all over the world has always been plagued with controversy. The rated 18 show was known for its shower scenes, which have been allegedly cut from the Nigerian off-shoot. You would think a show that was bold enough to show n*dity will have fans with high tolerance, but this is not the case.