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We all have seen the splash of Yaya and Marvin on both their social media space. Many fans have begun to speculate that it could be more than friendship between the pair. We have seen them travel to each other’s home country and entertain us with cute videos.

Nigeria, make way for the latest bride in town. If you recall, Marvin confessed that his mother wanted him to bring home a wife. Could he have fulfilled his mother’s wishes?

Ever since Kanaga Jnr. became the HOH, a heavy weight of responsibility has been placed on his shoulder. The first of which was the ‘save and replace’. Save and replace is when the HOH decides to save a housemate and put another up for eviction.

After the Sunday live eviction show, he shocked housemates and fans with more than one exciting plot twist. He revealed that there are no evictions. However, he had more surprises up his sleeve.