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”Information gathered reveals that four civil defense personnel were among the kidnapped victims, “Aya said, indicating that those kidnapped may be more than four.

According to his report Solomon, Gowon’s son, overheard their boasting and pleaded with them on his father’s behalf to forget about the incidence. At this point one of them, Zekeri Awalu picked up a bottle and started pursing Solomon, while pursing Solomon he tripped and fell on his own knife which was stocked around his waist and unfortunately injured himself on the thigh while Solomon ran home to inform his father (Gowon Abuh) of what had ensued meanwhile, Zekeri Awalu was rushed to Holy Memorial Hospital at Ochadamu.

Do you need to ask me? Abi you should be asking me if I was able to differentiate between that match and Atlanta 1996. You no see as the match come dey look like old match? The picture quality was very poor