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“Chinasa is a vulcanizer, based in Onitsha, Anambra State. He returned home as usual and the following day, he went with his mother to the farm. When they returned from the farm, he was seen sharpening a machete on that fateful evening, which he later used to carry out the barbaric act.

“We heard shots around 1:00 am and all of us ran in different directions. I ran to a nearby bush and hid until they left before I came out. It was this morning that we discovered that they left with the nine year old girl and the son of the woman who was abandoned but was able to find her way back to Juji this morning.”

People grow up with this mentality, they see life as a competition where they should outshine other people, and when they fail to, they get frustrated, which later lead to hatred for the person doing better than them. That’s how envy and jealousy get the best of people, they devise means to thwart the progress of other people so that they can’t do better than them.

According to the survey, 41% of respondents listed having children as a main reason they chose to marry. The Future of Children Report ♂ from Princeton University suggests that children born in household where the parents are married get many benefits from the marriage, including the following:

“Majority of cases have one thing in common. Children are lured by their abductors outside their homes. These abductors could be family members, acquaintances or complete strangers. Therefore, Emir Sanusi’s assertion that parents of abducted children are also partly responsible is founded on two wrong assumptions.

You already know that a two years old child should not be left to go outside alone. He can get lost or be stolen by strangers. People don’t like the truth, but you should be jailed if you allow your child to wonder into neighbourhood and fall inside well. It is criminal negligence.

Unstable parents create insecure children. Stable parents raise stable children. Children need affection (hugs,), attention (listening) and affirmation (positive words), every day. If your child has a poor self esteem, it could be you give advice more than you encourage him or her.

All over the nation, lots of abused children are seen, whether on the streets, in churches, mosque, market places, schools et cetera. This makes one wonder if these children do not have rights under the law and what the government is doing to help enforce these rights. The aim of this article is to enumerate these rights as well as extensively discuss legal provisions of these rights.

In reality, many talents were buried, numerous employees are depressed and various viable ideas remain undeveloped, all due to the interference of parents regarding the career choice of their children. Parents should be aware of the implications of imposing their own goals on to their children.