Tacha and Mercy Rivalry: Mercenaries Accused of Imitation

It may seem as though the silent rivalry between Tacha and Mercy, even from the Big Brother season 4 house, is yet to end.

The queen of the Titans responded to a tweet shading her colleague and winner of the PepperDem season, Mercy Eke, and her fans, The mercenaries. This shade came about after a Tacha loyal made a tweet mocking Mercy’s fans over a failed attempt at trending.

Mercenaries dragged in Tacha and Mercy Rivalry

The titan wrote,

“Flopcenaries copied our exact cruise tag last night for their tag today and thought we’d get angry and give them attention They can’t even pull 10K tweets in 24 hours, RATS”


While this would have been a passing comment, it graduated into full-blown shade after Tacha responded to the tweet with the comment, ‘Flop’.

Tacha And Mercy Rivalry: Mercenaries Accused Of Imitation 1
Tacha and Mercy Rivalry

This riled some of her followers up as they flooded her page with comments expressing their disappointment in how she handled that situation.

In other related news, Tacha has asked people not to pressure her into giving like other celebrities because, in her words, ‘those “others” don’t make money the way I make it’.


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