Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (199): Sunday Igboho Expose Ooni Of Ife

Sunday Igboho Expose Ooni

Egbon: I no just understand why people no get respect for our Culture and tradition again for this country, nawa o

Mazi: My brother, na as the thing dey worry you for mind, naso e dey worry me too 

Egbon: Imagine, i see one video where Sunday Igboho dey call Ooni of Ife bad bad name, him even talk say him head no correct

Sunday Igboho Expose Ooni

Mazi: Ahhh, that one no follow o, why him go talk that kind thing

Egbon: Abi now, for Yorubaland, we believe say if person dey cry, him suppose dey see, him even talk say Tinubu, Seyi Makinde wey be Oyo governor plus some Kings dey behave like Fulani slaves

Mazi: That one heavy for mouth o, make we no lie, him no suppose abuse the King, even if him dey vex for Fulani people

Egbon: For inside the video, Igboho con talk say the Ooni no fit talk true sake of say him don collect dollar from Buhari hand

Sunday Igboho Expose Ooni

Suspected Fulani Rape Lady In Akure

Mazi: Taa, me no believe that one, but wait o, wetin dem fit do to take stop the criminals wey dey among these Fulani people like this

Egbon: Mazi, naa very big question you ask me like this o, but my own na say government never dey serious

Mazi: But why you talk so?

Egbon: Because, if true true dem dey serious, government no suppose dey take mouth follow the criminals wey dey among the Fulani talk

Mazi: Ohh, so na wetin dem suppose take follow dem talk o?

Egbon: Na action go fit stop that kain thing, e no too long wey i see one video where one suspect wey dem talk say naa Fulani go rape one lady for Akure

Mazi: Chai, that one serious o, this matter no be joke again o

Egbon: E never finish o, dem talk say him even try to commot the lady eyes

Mazi: E better make government do something quick quick o, make the matter no con turn another thing

Tunde Bakare Lambast Buhari

Egbon: Because na small small something like this dey turn big matter if dem no take better hand handle am

Mazi: Con check this tory o, dem say Pastor Tunde Bakare talk say Buhari don fall Naija people hand no be small

Egbon: Him no lie now, you no see the things wey dey happen for inside the country, na change him promise, na another thing Naija people dey see

Mazi: Hmmmm, security no even suppose dey part of the thing wey government go dey take play politics

Egbon: You talk am well, before you open eye now, different different people go dey find how dem go take dey protect themselve

Mazi:And that kind thing no suppose be, if government no fit protect him people, na like that people go con dey carry weapon dey do jungle justice

DSS Raises Fresh Alert 

Egbon: Abi now, i even hear say DSS don warn Naija people again say make dem no sleep ontop bicylce sake of say some people bin dey plan to cause kasala for the country

Mazi: I bin think say DSS don talk this thing before before o

Egbon: No be lie, dem don talk am before, e look like say dem don see another reason to talk am again

Mazi: That mean say if dog no see something, him no go dey bark

Egbon: Gbam, Mazi, you remember say na the other day we dey talk say some young young boys chop live chicken sake of say dem wan get money

Mazi: I remember wella, you don see another people wey chop live chicken, abi you say wan follow chop

Egbon: God forbid bad thing, naa inside News i see say dem arrest 3 guys o wey wan take one girl do ritual for Edo

Mazi: Kai, this young young people and ritual don dey look like 5 and 6 o, make God dey keep man pikin o

Egbon: The desperation wey dey town no be small, make i con dey move jare

Mazi: Ok, take care

Seyi Makinde
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