Stop And Search Exercise And The Fear Of Spreading COVID-19

Stop and Search Exercise is such that allows Police and other security personnel to identify drivers with either stolen Vehicles, expired or fake documents on the roads.

Meanwhile, Self-isolation, hand washing, application of hand sanitizer, use of face mask, personal and environmental Sanitation among others have been described as part of measures to put an end to the spread of Coronavirus, COVID-19.

However, it is highly imperative to consider if officers of the Nigerian Police Force and other security personnels are keeping up with the measure of wearing hand gloves, using face mask and hand sanitizer in the course of carrying out their duties.

Though, many Nigerians have been asked to sit at home as Schools, Churches, Mosques, night clubs, private and public organizations have been shut to discourage large gathering and by so doing tame the spread of the virus but it is important to note that Some personnel will still need to be at work to discharge their duties.

Stop And Search Exercise
Nscdc Personnels

Stop And Search Exercise

These personnel include Medical personnel, Journalists, Broadcasters among others while security officers are also expected to be at their duty posts to ensure law and order but there is the need to remind police officers and other security personnel of the need to observe the precautionary measures to put an end to the further spread of Coronavirus.

It is clear that Stop and search is part of measures of guilding against Kidnapping, high way robbery, Killing and other crimes but as much as security personnels are trying to safe life and property, it is very important for them to also use hand gloves, sanitizers while checking particulars on highways to end the spread of Coronavirus which the World Health Organization has declared as a pandemic.

There are over 300,000 confirmed cases of the virus around the World while Nigeria has about forty confirmed cases and one death.

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