Stephanie Coker Laments on Sex Work

Award-winning TV host and beauty entrepreneur, Stephanie Coker laments on the dangerously increasing rate of prostitution and how it affects her.

The mother of one took to her Instagram to share her thoughts on the issue of sex work and how much it has been normalised in our society by the present generation. Absolving herself from being tagged judgemental, she put out a disclaimer saying that she is by no means putting herself on a higher pedestal by virtue of her post.

Stephanie Coker Laments on Sex Work

Her exact words were;

“It’s actually crazy how this generation have in a sense normalized prostitution, I’m not on a moral high horse or anything but if we are being honest…. Or is that the Destiny’ child ”Independent women” generation were scammed? I’m trying to be objective but,” 

Stephanie Coker Laments On Sex Work 1
Stephanie Coker Laments on Prostitution

Further into her story updates, the TV host posted her colleagues and friends who agreed with her stance possible as a confirmation that the issue she raised was indeed an issue plaguing numerous minds.

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