Staying Organized In A Rather Disorganized World

Staying organized can be one of the most challenging and sometimes exhausting things we could do, especially in the disorganized world we live in, but it has a way of making us feel like we have our lives in order. No one is actually born organized; it takes a lot of effort and discipline, we need to get used to healthy habits.

I used to think that I was the most disorganized person on earth till I had to learn ways to be organized, and I have to say that that was the most empowering thing I have ever done. From planning, writing things down, making a priority list, anyone could learn how to be organized. Today, I like to think I am organized to an extent. So in this article, I’d be sharing ways I was able to achieve that.

Staying organized is a never-ending task, especially when we have deadlines lurking, unfinished assignments piling up, and overwhelmed by them. Controlling it could seem impossible; the truth is the more clutter you have in your space, the messier your to-do lists become and the more stressed you would become.

Staying Organized
Staying Organized

Tips On Staying Organized

Create To-Do Lists

It is essential and the first step to staying organized to create a to-do list for everything we want to get involved with. This helps you track what you are doing; you can’t rely on your memory to remember everything you do. Writing it down would help you remember. Life is so complicated as it is; we shouldn’t complicate it more by memorizing grocery lists, dates and other things.

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination, they say, is the thief of time. The longer you delay a task, the harder it becomes to handle the job. Tackling an appointment as soon as possible reduces the stress of doing it later. If you can do it now, why leave it till later? Procrastination just makes you really sloppy and clumsy.


Make it a habit to create time every week to organize. Organized people develop a routine of creating time weekly or more to rearrange their things. Things do not remain organized on its own; it needs to be rearranged regularly and consistently. Do this, look at your schedule and make time to organize it; it helps tremendously.

Create A Home For Anything And Everything

Staying organized may be difficult when the things around us are a mess. Creating a home for everything you own would help put your life in order. It is easy to get missing when you don’t have a home; the same applies to your personal belongings. When we keep our stuff in specific and strategic places, it enables easy access to this stuff. You won’t spend the time you don’t have looking for a particular thing.


This tip is self-explanatory; you need to know and work on more critical tasks to the least important ones or more time-sensitive to the least. This would help you carry out the bigger jobs first and not bother about overlooking a critical and time-sensitive task.

Delegate some tasks

Sometimes we have so much to do and achieve within a limited time; this could make us overwhelmed and clumsy. It is essential we find people we trust to do a job and take it off our to-do list. Staying organized doesn’t mean accumulating tasks, appointments and deadlines; on the contrary, it means having fewer tasks to do.

Get Some Sleep

I am sure you are wondering how sleeping can help you get organized; having the right amount of sleep could help you refresh and calm your brain. Everyone needs a minimum of seven hours of sleep to function correctly and effectively; in other words, you can’t be organized feeling tired and stressed.

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