States, Communities Now Responsible for Coronavirus Fight

The Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on coronavirus in Nigeria, Boss Mustapha confirmed that the communities and individual states will now be responsible for managing coronavirus in their areas. He said this while speaking at the State House on Sunday after briefing President Buhari alongside the Minister of Health, Dr Osague Ehanire.

Boss Mustapha instructed that the individual states will be responsible for this as we have gone into community transmission in Nigeria at the moment. He pointed out that only 20 local governments are responsible for over 60% of the cases in Nigeria. This means that there is an increased transmission of cases in the local areas. As such, he pointed out that managing these cases from closer proximity will enable improved results.

States, Communities Now Responsible for Coronavirus Fights

Speaking on what sector of the economy will be opened, he confirmed that the directive will have a lot to do with states and their recommendations. He confirmed that the current decision to reopen places of worship has a lot to do with the state governments and stakeholders agreeing to the procedures to put in place to achieve that. On easing the lockdown, he said the first stage has been extended, though more sectors in agriculture finances and oil and gas are allowed to be in operation.

States, Communities Now Responsible for Coronavirus Fights

He confirmed that more sectors might be allowed to open based on their recommendations. However, he added that only the President is allowed to make any decision on this and the nation should wait for his directive.

Boss Mustapha encouraged Nigerians to maintain the cautious lifestyle adding that we are gradually winning the fight against the coronavirus. Although he will not want to give false hopes, he confirmed that the Nigerian mortality rate is less than 3% compared to many countries with up to 10% mortality rate.

States, Communities Now Responsible for Coronavirus Fights

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