Squid Game: Man Gets Death Penalty for Smuggling Copies

Squid Game, a blockbusting series that remained at number one position in over ninety countries, was recently smuggled into North Korea by a man (name withheld) for the viewership of residents in the region.

For some unknown reasons, the Northern Korean Government is against its citizens viewing the content of the Netflix series, which made them come up with some stringent punishment for anyone found defiling their directives.

Unfortunately, the man mentioned earlier reportedly beat the system and brought copies of the blockbuster series into the country but was eventually discovered after the authorities traced copies to students who gained access to the contents.

In an Asian radio broadcast, it was learnt that the suspect reportedly smuggled the film on a flash drive from China down to North Korea.

Students to Face Jail Term for Viewing Squid Game

Because of his actions, it has been confirmed that he’d be facing death by firing squad, while the students involved in bringing “SquidGame” into school are facing prison sentences.

Meanwhile, the station revealed that six other persons who watched the show had been sentenced to five years of hard labour, and teachers and school administrators had been fired and faced banishment to work in remote mines.

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