Sponsors of Terrorism: Rep Insists Buhari Releases Names

Sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria are still unknown to the public, which is why a member of the House of Representatives, Ben Igbakpa of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Delta, insists that President Muhammadu Buhari must produce the names.

On Tuesday, in Abuja, the Rep challenged the present administration to publicise the name of a particular lawmaker alleged to be sponsoring terrorism in the country.

Igbakpa, while addressing the HouseHouse in one of their sessions, pointed out the motion under matter of privilege on the floor in respect of the President 61st independence anniversary speech, which has been having various reactions from different quarters.

Sponsors of Terrorism

Recalling the part where President Buhari made mention of the incident in his independent delivery, the Representative mentioned that the Nigerian Leader alleged that a National Assembly member is sponsoring secessionists.

Igbakpa, narrating his experience since the President made the allegation, said that he could no longer gain access to some important places, adding that people now suspect him as a possible financier of terrorists in the country, and urged the House to intervene and ask the President to name the sponsor.

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