Soldiers’ Wedding Fail as Man Confesses to Killing, Eating Their Bodies

A man (unknown) recorded during a telephone conversation has confidently admitted to killing some soldiers who were on their way to tie the knots in Imo State.

The unknown individual sounded really bold and gave reasons why he killed them as he blatantly described the gruesome murder as an of revenge.

On the recorded call, the man who had an eastern accent, said to the friend of the deceased soldier, a lady, that the Nigerian Army have been killing innocent civilians in the guise that they are looking for unknown gunmen.

He also killed two others persons that accompanied the couple to the location of their wedding that has been cut short.

Soldiers’ Bodies mutilated

Worst of all was when he also admitted to eating their body parts as pictures that surfaced online showed how that the military officers bodies were severely mutilated as both their heads and private parts were all missing.

It was gathered that before the deceased male officer’s death, a Master Warrant Officer, he was compulsorily retired ahead of his wedding to the female junior officer who was also murdered on their way to get married.

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