Slay Queen Makes Weird Request For Sex Workers

A widely known Instagram slay queen who is also a sex worker makes weird request for sex workers in Nigeria and you won’t believe what she wants for them.

Lady Makes Request For Sex Workers

The lady whose name is Nneka Favour but goes by the moniker, Nikki Fe Fe in a video has asked for sex workers, especially the female ones, to get their specialized award show to celebrate them for the good work they do in men’s lives.

She complained about the lack of respect and recognition for sex workers. She insisted that marginalizing the sex workers was not ideal because they helped the highly celebrated artistes in their time of need. In the caption, she wrote,

Slay Queen Makes Weird Request For Sex Workers 1
Lady Makes Request For Sex Workers

“This is not fear, looking down on ashawos that gives 50% happiness to all men is not really nice 👍 we should be remembered in an award 🥇😢😫😫 we deserve some accolades 🤔🤥”

This video drew a lot of attention as her social media followers were torn between agreeing and dismissing her suggestions.


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