Singer Yemi Alade Shares Secret to Peace of Mind

Famous Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has shared her secret with the online audience on how she has been finding peace of mind.

The singer, YemiAlade took to the micro-blogging app to disclose this information stating that she has been finding peace because of losing friends.

She said, “I’ve been losing friends and finding peace.” Yemi Alade also shared another post on her story about not going back to being friends with someone that tried to destroy one’s life.

The post says, “Never re-friend a person that tried to destroy your character.. your money.. or your relationships. A snake only sheds its skin to become a bigger snake.”

In response to this, some fans believe that it is only a st*pid person that has friends.
Read other reactions below.

A__cindy__: “Very important. Let them go.”

Bona.blog: “Know this and know peace.”

Kennypaul4life: Some. “I lost friends 4 years ago and started having best peace of my life.”

Stereo399: “Not everyone is your friend some are acquaintances.”

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