Singer, Tope Alabi’s First Daughter Claimed By Another Man

Tope Alabi First Daughter, Ayomikun Reacts To Claim

Popular gospel artist, Tope Alabi has been involved in paternity scandal as her first daughter, Ayomikun, has been claimed by another man.

This is after a certain man identified as Mayegun Olaoye claimed to be Ayomikun’s father, adding that Tope Alabi had blocked every avenue for him to know his biological daughter in the past 22 years.

Ayomikun, has however, come out to state that the only father she knows is her mother’s husband, Soji Alabi. The upcoming singer said she has been informed about the man and her mother hasn’t blocked her to see him just that he hasn’t looked for him for years.

In her words, “My mother never blocked any avenue for us to see. My mother even tried for me to have a relationship with him. I remember when I was about 15 years old, she used to tell me to try and talk about him. Even when we discuss marriage, they tell me that they would want to inform him.

“They always tell me all these things about him but he is the one that never tried to reach out to me. I mean that he has never ever tried to.

We have never had absolutely any conversation with this man. I mean I have had absolutely no contact with this man; none whatsoever. she added.

Singer, Tope Alabi'S First Daughter Claimed By Another Man 1
Man who claimed Tope Alabi’s first daugher

Meanwhile, Olaoye had expressed his grudge with Tope Alabi for changing his biological daughter’s surname. This has made Ayomikun to state categorically that she can bear the name of a man she hasn’t seen all the years she has been raised by her mother and father (Soji Alabi).

She said, ““I cannot bear his surname. How can I bear the surname of someone that I have never met? There is no sense in that. I do not even know his surname. How can I bear the name of someone I have never met?

 Ayomikun stated that the only way she can give Olaoye a listening ear is if they meet in court and there is a judgment to that effect. Despite the occurrence, she said her family is fine and everything is normal as they were not shocked by Olaoye’s actions.

I have spoken to my mother about it and we are all fine. It was not something that shocked us. He is not blackmailing the family but he is an example of a very terrible father. A father that is not even trying to make it up to someone but trying to get back to someone else,” Ayomikun said.

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