Singer, Harrysong Dodges Spiritual Setup

Nigerian singer and entertainer, Harrysong dodges spiritual setup after he shared his narrow escape with his wellwishers.

The artiste born, Harrison Tare Okiri took to his official Instagram to post a shocking snapshot from one of his female fans who was gone the length for him.

Harrysong Dodges Spiritual Setup

According to his post, the lady sent his a direct message claiming that she got a prophecy from God telling her that Harrysong was the man for her and to reinforce her, her prophet also said the same thing.

She even attacked a note with some words written in Yoruba language that seems to be instructions from her prophet.

She sent,

“I need a man and the Lord said is you infact and prophet said it you.

Singer, Harrysong Dodges Spiritual Setup
Harrysong Dodges Spiritual Setup

The lady even went as far as demanding a ring from him respectfully when she wrote,

‘I want ring from you sir, I’m the Ifeoma konna way hide and see”

In response, Harrysong quickly forbade any form of spiritual attachment to her and ran for his dear life.

He said, “In Jesus name I run for my life. You setup tufiakwa”

It seems the singer is not looking forward to this envisioned relationship and he has made his stance clear

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