Singer, Flavour Reveals Why He Is Still Single

Popular Nigerian singer, Flavour Na’bania, has revealed why is still single.

The Igbo singer made this known in an Instagram session with his fans. Flavour gave the ‘fakeness’ of ladies as the reason he is yet to pick someone as his own.

Flavour gave the use of waist trainers and editing of pictures on social as the reason he couldn’t find a real woman.

In his word, “If I visit your (social media) page and see a lot of edited pictures, I would move out.

The ‘Ada Ada‘ crooner also revealed that he has been without a woman month and has changed his hairstyle.

He also shared his experience with a lady who insisted he hold her waist while taking pictures with him.

In his word, “I once took a picture with a lady and she insisted that I should hold her waist. I was scared that she could be someone’s wife or girlfriend.

As I tried to touch her, she said I should hold her very well. I tried holding her waist and my hand touched something very strong like stone. 

I noticed she wore a waist trainer. There was a space between her buttocks and back. When she was walking away, I noticed the waist trainer.”

Singer, Flavour Reveals Why He Is Still Single 1
Flavour Na’bania

Flavour stated that he would have been disappointed if he would be dating this type of lady in question. The Enugu-born singer also quashed rumours of him being married secretly.

Flavour, who gave his reason for being single had kids from two baby mamas; Sandra Okagbue and Anna Banner.

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