Singer Cynthia Morgan Advices Eniola Badmus

Nigerian songwriter and singer Cynthia Morgan, also known as ‘Madrina‘, has sent a few words of advice to Actress Eniola Badmus in response to her recently opened secret.

Nollywood Actress and Social media Influencer Eniola Badmus earlier shared yet another surprising secret with her fans.

She took to her Snapchat story to share an observation. As stated by her, she believes that she may be the only one who doesn’t let whom she’s dating foot her bills.

Actress Eniola Badmus Reveals A Shocking Secret

Eniola’s expression sparked mixed feelings from her fans and supporters, as many argued that it wasn’t possible.

It came as a surprise to many men and women, especially those used to a different dating way. One of these people was the well-known singer Cynthia Morgan.

After reading through the rather shocking announcement, Cynthia commented on it and stated that it was Eniola’s loss that she wasn’t receiving money from the men she dated.

She wrote, “Your loss”

Not satisfied with her short comment on Eniola’s post, she took to her Instagram story to pour her heart out.

“I once had a policy of not collecting money from men or guys in general… ask about me. But It was a code. Cause I know the less I owe you the more freedom I will have. But as you grow older you def want to settle down and allow a good man to take care of you. So my sister collect the money. Man money too go sweet oo. Lol”

Singer Cynthia Morgan Advices Eniola Badmus

Her comment seemed more justified after the update.

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