“She isn’t dead”, Blessing Onyekan Over Oye, Bobrisky’s Former PA

Socialite Bobrisky‘s former PA, Oye, was pronounced dead from Covid-19 on a post made by her best friend Blessing Oyekan days after sharing that she has tested positive for the virus on her social media page.

Oye, a girl from Ivory-Coast, was among those who declared their love for Bobrisky, if you remember. Bobrisky, also known as Idris.

Okunneye, in that period, brought her down to Nigeria after announcing her love publicly to him and becoming his PA. Their relationship, unfortunately, capsized with loads of drama attached to it.

&Quot;She Isn'T Dead&Quot;, Blessing Onyekan Over Oye, Bobrisky'S Former Pa

A few days ago, Oye brought to her page saying that she has tested positive for the corona Virus and will be going off social media for a while to take care of herself properly.

She added that she did not know how long her absence would be, but she had to go off.
Confirmation from her best friend’s post earlier reveals she has passed on.

@modellablessing: Oye, You can’t do this to me!!!
Just wake up and tell me you’re okay, my one and only best friend 💔💔You will survive”.

But a moment later, Blessing announced on her post, saying she was not dead but in a coma.

“She isn’t dead. She is in a coma!!! I wrote, “wake up cus she’s not been responding for hours!!! You guys should stop already; you take everything for clout chasing

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