Shasha Crisis: 7 Yoruba Men Arrested, Tension Brews

Serious tension pervades the air in Shasha and neighbouring communities about the arrest of seven suspects connected to the recent terror unleashed in the popular Shasha market.

Shasha crisis: Ethnic crisis brewing?

About seven suspects were rounded up connected with the Shasha crisis that broke out in the Shasha market just last month.

The crisis enveloped the community following the death of a Yoruba cobbler, Mr Shakirideen Adeola.

According to sources, Adeola was killed with a charm by a Hausa man.

The crisis lasted for three days, and it led to the destruction of several houses and shops while many residents were killed. The police only confirmed Mr Adeola’s death, however.

The seven were arrested by the Oyo State Police Command on a six-count charge bothering on conspiracy, arson and murder.

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However, we gathered that only Yoruba people were arrested over the Shasha crisis, which has begun to cause anger and bad blood to brew among community members.

Normal activities have resumed at the market, but residents were still afraid of being arrested by the police.

Some queried the rationale behind the arrest of only Yoruba’s while virtually all tribes resident in the community were part of the crisis.

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