Sex For Role: Bukunmi Oluwashina Spills Fire

One of the raves of the moment in the Nollywood industry, Bukunmi Oluwashina has opined that upcoming actors are faced with so many things that frustrate them in the industry.

In a post on her Instagram handle, Bukunmi noted that she feels the pain of those who fall for the trick of people who take undue advantage in the name of making them a star.

“Being a competent, talented and struggling upcoming can be so frustrating, especially when you know you are doing things right, but just one thing is holding you back to be where you want to be.

It breaks my heart when some people, unfortunately, fall for the trick of “I will make you a star” “You have to do this to blow, cos that’s what your so-called stars out there did to be known now.” 

Sex For Role: Bukunmi Oluwashina Spills Fire
Nollywood actress, Bukunmi Oluwashina advised upcoming actress to resist the temptation of giving their body in exchange for role.

According to the young actress, some people in the industry sweet talk upcoming actress for the sake of sleeping with them with the promise to make them famous.

“You know if I needed sex, I have control over a lot of girls I can easily get it from who are dying for a chance with me, I won’t come to you, I’m just doing this to help you, so it would stand as a deal between you and me” 

“This has happened between me and so so so person too before they became a star. Na we dey chop them work and made them star. “ some people call it “Won need lati Po Ere si e l’ara” 

Bukunmi Oluwashina Spills Fire

Speaking further, Bukunmi added that such an act is not limited to the Nollywood industry noting that it also happens in other businesses and occupations.

“Nollywood asides, this happens too is some business lines and other occupations. I’m here to tell you that ANY MAN WHO TELLS YOU TO OFFER YOUR BODY TO THEM BEFORE HELPING YOU IS NOTHING BUT A DOG, A PIG AND AN UNFORTUNATE HUMAN BEING.” 

And in case you are part of them and you are reading this, that is exactly what you are. Now, Dear upcoming, Even if the act is everywhere.” 

The actress cum singer added that no human being has the power to make anyone a Star but God.

Bukunmi Oluwashina Spills Fire
Phone numbers with which Nollywood actress and actors can report cases of Sexual Harassment when they face such.

“You have to know this, THE ONLY ONE WHO MAKES A PERSON A STAR IS “GOD” Even if it’s true they slept with this and that person before being a star doesn’t mean you should sell your body. Cos if you do, the same way they sat, telling you story of how they slept with your celebrity crush and role model, is the same way they would sit and tell incoming upcoming of tomorrow How they slept with you too when you are already there. (That’s if you eventually get there or even lasted after getting there though).

So none of all this is worth it. You have to keep reminding yourself that wherever God is not planning to Take you, NO MAN CAN TAKE YOU THERE, even if You sleep with all the men in this world. 

And wherever GOD plans to take you, NO MAN CAN STOP YOU FROM GETTING THERE, Even is they have all the connections in this world.”

The actress also advised all upcoming actors to believe in themselves, be consistent and restrategize as she also published phone numbers for people who are been molested to report such.

“Believe. Keep trying, pray…restrategize. If you say “NO” and you are been molested or forced, CALL ANY OF THOSE NUMBERS IN THIS POST. YOU/WE CAN PUT AN END TO THIS. #SayNoToRape Sexual Harassment.”

There have been reports about how some popular and established actors, producers and other stakeholders in the Movie and Music Industry take undue advantage of upcoming actors and singers.

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