Seun Kuti Slams Nigerian Government on Covid-19

Seun Kuti, son of Afro beat legend Fela-Anikulapo-Kuti have slammed the Nigerian government on the steps they are taking to control the dreaded coronavirus. The disease which have spread to many nations of the world have also found its place in our country. The measures taken by the Nigerian government to curtail the pandemic has been mocked by the one-time Grammy nominee, Seun Kuti.

Like father like son, Seun Kuti in a social media post (video) didn’t like the approach taken by the Nigerian government and have mocked the politicians and the so-called elites. He fueled his opinion through a 59 seconds video which was captioned by the Afrobeat singer ‘’ABEG MAKE UNA HELP ME PASS AM TILL DIS OUR YEYE POLITRICIANS AND ELITES HEAR’’

Seun Kuti Slams Nigerian Government On Covid-19
Seun Kuti Performing On Stage

Seun Kuti Slams Nigerian Leaders

In his words, Seun Kuti feels the approach taken by the Nigerian Politicians and business elites have been wrong, damaging and backward. He opined our leaders copied the whites because of what they see and hear on TV and have asked several questions that needs to be answered.

He said ‘’our own response in Nigeria must be different because of the level of poverty we have here. What is social isolation and social distancing when there are million of people living on the streets? How are they going to be isolated? Can they isolate in the open? How about people that live in face-me-and-face-you buildings, that shared same bathroom and toilet? And all those kinds of things with 100 people in one building?’’

Seun Kuti ended the video in anger, telling our leaders to come up with proper ideas and stop copying oyinbo (whites) people as a result of what they see on TV.

The video posted and shared through his official Twitter account @RealSeunKuti have since been retweeted by many of his followers.

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