Seun Kuti Identifies Loopholes In Oduduwa Nation

Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti has opined that the South-West cannot have self-government yet. Kuti said it would take almost fifty years of dedication to see how to balance and move forward.

Reacting to the calls for the Oduduwa Nation, Kuti, the leader of the Movement of The People, advised agitators of the Oduduwa Republic to re-strategise and have self-sufficiency plans for the republic.

Kuti, who noted that it might take another 50 years to achieve Oduduwa Nation, added that the agitators could accomplish the division of Nigeria without going to war or killing one another.

According to him, the agitators should negotiate to achieve a common goal instead of choosing destruction to achieve Yoruba Nation or Biafra.

Seun Kuti

During a live video on Instagram, the singer referred to England, leaving the European Union without fighting. He added that the Scottish are agitating to leave England without fighting war before leaving England.

He said everybody is only discussing one way of separating Nigeria, which will kill millions of people in the name of separating Nigeria. Kuti noted that Yorubas are not ready to be without Nigeria.

He further explained that the Yoruba nation must become self-sufficient before clamouring for independence.

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