Scientists Discover New Type Of Coronavirus

As countries battle the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have discovered a new type of Coronavirus. According to the scientists, the new type of Coronavirus identified as The pathogen originated in dogs and can infect humans.

They claimed that the pathogen that has been around since 2018 is the eighth Coronavirus known to have jumped from animals to humans.

New Type Of Coronavirus

Scientists are yet to confirm if the new Coronavirus poses a severe threat like the virus behind Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2; however, researchers who detected it said they ‘don’t see any reason to expect another pandemic from this virus.

Earlier, the United States of America had discovered that dogs spread the newly-identified Coronavirus that infected seven children in Malaysia in 2018.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has opined the need to harness the same urgency with which COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments were developed to distribute them as far and fast as possible.

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