Saskay Reveals Life After BBNaija Makes Her Sad, Scared

Saskay, BBNaija Shine ya eyes housemate, has revealed how life after the big brother Naija show has affected her life, which sometimes makes her sad and scared.

The reality star made this revelation while narrating how she felt when she wanted to upload a picture on her Instagram page, and it was not turning out the way she wanted it to. 

Saskay noted that she broke down, crying, and it was at that point she realized how sad and scared she was of her new life.

Saskay Reveals Life After BBNaija Makes Her Sad, Scared

Saskay Twitter post reads, “Earlier this evening, I tried to make an IG post, and it wasn’t working the way I wanted it to. I got frustrated and broke down crying. That was when I realized how sad and scared of this new life I am.

Shoutout to everyone trying something new. It’s okay to be sad, tired or frustrated sometimes. It’s okay to feel weak and fall. The most important thing is getting up and trying again.

‘Nothing great was ever done without much enduring’ Estoy aqui para ti, mi amor.”

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