Sad! Tanker Explosion in Kubwa Village Market Burns Five Alive

Yesterday, a tanker explosion in Kubwa Village Market Area, Federal Capital Territory, F.C.T., has left five persons dead.

Also, several other persons were affected by the explosion and sustained various degrees of burns and injuries around 7:15 pm on Friday.

The affected area was very close to the Local Education Authority, L.E.A. Primary School in Jaji street and relatively adjacent to the famous St. Luke CatholicChurch, close to channel eight junction.

It was learnt that fire service officials had since put out the fire but not until it had already consumed a considerable portion of some stores and properties estimated around hundreds of thousands and millions respectively.

Meanwhile, those severely traumatized by the incident affected one way, or another had been taken to the hospital for special medical attention.

However, the cause of the blast from the kerosene-laden tanker is unclear as at the time of supporting materials for this report.

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