Revelations About Lagos Amputee Hawker Generate Reactions

Many Nigerians have reacted to the latest revelations about the Lagos amputee hawker Mary Daniel, who recently became an internet sensation after her pictures went viral a few weeks ago.

All was going smoothly for her until the Lagos state government pick holes in her claims after discovering that she lied about what led to her circumstances and that her case was staged to generate sympathy.

Mary had earlier claimed that she lost her parents and a leg to an accident that killed all passengers when she was a teenager. These claims generated sympathy and many cheerful givers have raised N25m for her.

While some people tongue lashed her for lying, some believe that the bad situation of the Nigerian economy pushed her into engaging in such a dishonest act.

Lagos Amputee Hawker

Revelations About Lagos Amputee Hawker Generate Reactions
Lagos Amputee Hawker, Mary Daniel.

Check out some of the comments culled from Twitter about the Lagos amputee hawker.

@iam_wilsons “So Mary Daniel, the Oshodi amputee hawker, was actually a staged event between her and some charlatans just to hoodwink unsuspecting Nigerians? See ehn; this country is irredeemable at this point.”

@yomslim “Even if she staged hawking, did she staged her amputated leg too.”

@Iam_Olayinks “Wetin concern Lagos State government with her life story, why are they investigating about when no be say she thief, atleast this lady was hustling before you decided to help her.”

@Haaaardek “Lagos State government is mad..her dad is alive or not isn’t the issue but the issue is her leg is amputated and she needs help..greedy lots so they want to take the 25m to themselves …she should get a lawyer.”

@Ruggeddefender5 “Very to help people will now be seen as foolishness bcos alot of us are just crooks who a lots like cutting corners and deceiving people.”

Meanwhile, the Lagos state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, had revealed that the lady was in the custody of the Social Welfare and not the police, contrary to reports making the rounds.

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