Reactions As Report Link Nigerian Minister With Al-Qaeda

Reactions have continued to trail a report linking a Nigerian Minister, Isa Pantami, to a terrorist group, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram.

Pantami, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, reportedly falls on America’s intelligence Agency watch list.

According to the report, Pantami trained in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East with other top Islamic jihadists. The report described Pantami as a close confidant of the Boko Haram sect’s late leader, Mohammed Yusuf.

Western Intelligence alleged that the Minister had ties with Abu Quatada al Falasimi and other Al-Qaeda leaders.

However, Nigerians have taken to social media (Twitter) to express their views over the allegations linking Isa Pantami to the terrorist groups.

Reactions As Report Link Nigerian Minister With Al-Qaeda
Report Link Nigerian Minister With Al-Qaeda.

Report Link Nigerian Minister With Al-Qaeda

Below are some of the comments on the allegations levelled against Pantami

@YemieFASH “US Government has placed the Minister of Com¬≠munications, Sheikh Isa Pantami, on Terror watch-list for alleged ties with Boko Haram Leader. US intelligence is not a joke; they don’t make such information public without substantial evidence.

@KMmakamma “I’m Not Surprised! Isa Pantami is placed under a Terrorist WatchList by the US. He had Nigerians Queueing in their thousands to get NIN in a global Pandemic at its Peak Second Wave, & that’s some Terrorist Idea. Boko Haram would be very Proud.

@alipi00 “Our Honourable Minister of Communications, Isa Pantami, a man with alleged ties to Al-Qaeda and BH, who was kicked out of university for preaching extremist views, is also the man in charge of collecting data on all Nigerians… What could go wrong?

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Isa Pantami

@Nwogukay “It’s not surprising Isa Pantami is on the American watch list for having affiliations with a terrorist group; this gov’t used BH to destabilise the country in the run-up to the last elections; hence it’s only logical to reward the members with positions in the gov’t.

@Queenofor “Sheikh Isa Pantami is on America’s Watch List of persons with ties with the Boko Haram. Terrorists & their apologists are in charge of Nigeria. Pantami is the man Nigerians entrusted with their BVN & NIN. So your inability to buy & register new SIM cards is economic sabotage.

Meanwhile, neither the Minister nor the federal government had reacted to the allegations.

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