Reno Omokri Reveals Danger In Flaunting Baby Bump On Social Media

Popular Nigerian social commentator, Reno Omokri has taken to social media again to talk about women who flaunts their baby bump on social media.

The US based pastor opened up on the spiritual and physical implications of flaunting a baby bump on social media while warning against the act.

According to him, people should stop parading their bumps and organizing baby shower during their pregnancy because it attracts negative human spirit. 

Reno Talks About Flaunting Baby Bump
Reno talks about flaunting baby bump

Reno Omokri made this known via Twitter as he warns pregnant women to stop showing off their pregnancy while advising them to learn from their baby.

He tweeted, “When you flaunt baby bumps, you attract Negative Human Spirits. Thoughts affect reality.

Not parading your baby bump on social media deprives you of nothing. Learn from your baby. It is silent for 9 months and only cries after it is born!” he added.

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Reno goes spiritual by stating that God does not work that way. Taking reference from Jeremiah 29:11, he opined that not everyone has ‘thoughts of peace’ for you.

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