Reno Omokri: Poor Men With Wife, Kids Deserves to Suffer

Outspoken Nigerian Lawyer and Human Rights Activists Reno Omokri has spoken against helping ‘poor men with wife and kids.’

The media aide of the former president, Goodluck Jonathan, stated on his Instagram page that a poor man who has started a family deserves to suffer. 

Reno Omokri noted that helping them in the guise of having a family is only encouraging them to have more children they cannot cater for. 

The 48-year-old writer added that justifying the help will only cause a population explosion resulting in insecurity. 

Reno Omokri wrote“Stop justifying giving help to a poor man because he has a wife and many kids. Let him suffer! Such a man needs to suffer so that other people see him suffer and learn not to have kids they can’t cater for. Or we will have MORE of such in society if you help them.

“If you keep helping men for the sole reason that they are poor and have many kids, their mentality will be: born as you like, God will use mumu people to help you train them. In case you don’t know, that is already the mentality of many low, or no wage earners, who have many children. Your ‘kindness’ is feeding that mentality and creating a population explosion, resulting in insecurity!”

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