Remi Tinubu On Fire Over Controversial Comment

Barely 24 Hours after many Nigerians lambasted Pastor Tunde Bakare and Reverend Ejike Mbaka over their Prophecies about Muhammadu Buhari before he emerged President, many Twitter users have descended on Senator Remi Tinubu.

Tinubu, who represents Lagos Central District, had on Tuesday tackled Smart Adeyemi, a Senator representing Kogi West, over his comment on Nigeria’s security challenges. 

Senator Adeyemi opined that the situation at hand is worse than civil war, noting that the Nigerian government could not pretend to handle the insecurity.

Reacting, Senator Remi Tinubu asked Adeyemi if he is a member of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Meanwhile, many Nigerians did not find the statement credited to Tinubu funny. They dragged her on the social media platform Twitter, noting that she is more concerned about the 2023 elections than talking about tackling the insecurity in the land.

Remi Tinubu On Fire Over Controversial Comment
Senator Smart Adeyemi.

Remi Tinubu

@SodiqTade said, “U.S. Consulate has issued a security warning claiming Lagos is now a State with high crime rate but a third term Lagos Senator, Remi Tinubu is busy observing table manner all in the name of 2023 presidency.”

@firstladyship said, “I won’t pay attention to the divisive Remi Tinubu. I will focus on this wise man, Smart Adeyemi. I may not be his fan, but you can tell he wasn’t speaking like an APC party man. Forget politics; there is fire on the mountain.”

@Morris_Monye said, “Hear Remi Tinubu’s hot mic moment saying “Are you in PDP, are you a wolf in sheep clothing” So according to her, anyone that speaks about the mess in Nigeria is a PDP member. They are so detached from reality that the instability going on in this country is just politics to them.”

Senator Adeyemi stressed that the federal government had voted billions of naira for security services without any tangible result to show for the money.

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