Regina Daniels Sparks Anger For Ex-Boyfriend

Regina Daniels’ Ex-Boyfriend Threatens To Block Fans

Somadina Adinma, Nollywood actor and ex-boyfriend of Regina Daniels has warned trolls constantly bringing up his ex-girlfriend on his social media page.

Somadinma stated that he is tired of talking about him and his previous relationship with the Nollywood actress who got married to billionaire, Ned Nwoko.

He has stated that he doesn’t like it when he posts pictures and some people will still mention Regina’s name on his personal page.

This however didn’t stop as he posted a new photo of himself which also got mentions of Regina in the comment section.

The Nollywood actor has now decided to end that by blocking fans that mention Regina’s name.

He wrote, “Thank you guys for the beautiful comments, just so you know….I’d block anyone that mentions Regina in the comment section

Regina Daniels Sparks Anger For Ex-Boyfriend

Regina Daniels (20) and Somadinma Adinma (22) joined the Nigerian movie industry as child actors. Their love chemstistry however grew up when they became teenagers aged 16 and 18 respectively.

Unfortunately, Regina dumps her boyfriend and got married to Ned Nwoko (60) which has become one of the most controversial topics among Nigerians.

Somadinma is now married to an international model from Ivory Coast.

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