Reality Star Sammie Turns Relationship Counsellor

Former Big Brother Naija star Sammie Jacob Alifa popularly known as Sammie has turned relationship counsellor on social media, as he goes hard on fans and celebrities respectively.

The BBnaija season 6 ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate has something to say about fans who feel they could dictate the love affairs of celebrities.

The 26-year-old up and coming filmmaker took to his Twitter page on Sunday to write a thread on how fans should allow celebrity relationships to rest.

Sammie Knocks Fans and Celebrities

Sammie questions fans that advise celebrities to leave their spouse, saying they do not have the right to do such since they didn’t create the celebrity or know the details of the relationship.

Sammie wrote, “Imagine strangers telling you to break up with your partner because they are not attracted to them or he/she isn’t right for you because of where they’re from.

“They don’t know how this person treats you or how you feel about this person. They just feel like your partner isn’t ‘cute’ enough for you.

“Who gives you the right to tell someone who doesn’t even know you exist who to love and in fact what to do? Did you create the person?

“You all on social media need to mind your business respectfully. The public figure doesn’t mean their love life or who they choose is your business.”

The BBNaija star also condemns the act of celebrities seeking validation from social media, noting that such celebrities need therapy.

He wrote, “The people who get validations from social media need to check in with their therapist cos that is not real life.

“Y’all trying to please the people who just be all over the net switching public figures who they like and having just mere opinions! They don’t know I like that, do you! 🤷🏿‍♂️”

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