Reality Star Nini Exchange Words With Troll (Pics)

BBNaija Reality Star Nini, via her Instagram page, exchanged words with a troll who referred to her as a “village witch” while broke shaming her.

However, the trolling did not take the violent turn as people would have imagined as Nini decided to respond to her in a friendly manner while giving her some advice.

The Troll entered Nini’s Direct message on Instagram and called her a “Village witch’. In response to this comment, Nini noted that she went through her page, which was epic, while questioning if she had seen herself in the mirror.

This didn’t stop the Troll from going on with insulting words as she insisted that Nini does not have any money of her own, and it was thanks to the goodness of Pepsi that she was able to travel to Dubai. She also stated that Saga would soon dump her as her boyfriend did after the show.

Reality Star Nini Exchange Words With Troll (Pics)

Nini responded to her telling her that the leg chain she wears would change her life, and the Troll noted that the reality star had sexual intercourse with sugar daddies to afford the leg chain. She also went further to affirm that Angel Smith was better than her.

See their conversation below.

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