Real Reason Kayamata Company Sacked Ka3na

Several lovers of the BBNaija reality show have wondered why a Kayamata company sacked Ka3na, one of the Lockdown season 5 housemates.

The controversial actress who broke the news about her deal with the Nigerian sex therapy company some time ago no longer represents the company.

She broke the news in a straight forward tweet where she informed her fans to stop promoting the brand because she no longer works for the brand.

She wrote, “The Ka3na Brand Is No Longer Connected To Betty Secret Brand. Kindly Take Note And Stop The Mentions”

Ka3Na Announces Deal Cancellation
Ka3na Announces Deal Cancellation

As simple as Ka3na kept the tweet, many do not know that the story was actually longer than the length of the tweet.

It was discovered that a day before she made the tweet, the company, Betty Secrets, had made a post on Instagram announcing that they no longer work with her.

The company’s post read in part, ” Unfortunately, the performance of the deal was not working in accordance with our Brand’s style and her pattern of representation was not favourable to the brand.”

Reason Kayamata Company Sacked Ka3Na
Reason Kayamata Company Sacked Ka3na

According to the post, it was understood that her deal to promote the kayamata products produced by the brand was not helpful in boosting business.

In view of the fact that her personality was not promoting sales, the deal was terminated.

Just as expected, this development has attracted many reactions, but Ka3na, “The BossLady”, seems to have moved on since then.

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