Reactions About JERITON Eviction

JERITON is the other couple to Check Out of the Ultimate Love Pad. Despite having coupled up quite late, Jeriton tried their very best.

After hearing that they are Checked Out, a visibly shaken Meriton confessed to our Host, Oluwaseun: “I’m not feeling okay, but it’s okay, so I’ll be fine.”



And while it wasn’t a popular choice, Jerry continued to be honest on stage: “I like Meriton, I like her spirit I like her vibe. She’s a good person. And I enjoy her company. And like I said to Aunty, I don’t want to fake anything. I want it to come from within. And I want it to be real because we are talking about the future. And it takes two people to mingle, and it has to be mutual.

And I kind of respect the fact that she opened up to me from the first day we met and when we went on our Monday mission, so we are kind of on the same page with the way we feel about each other. For me, she is my excellent friend, which I will love to know better.”

The couple has since received an outpouring of love and support:

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