Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story Full Movie Review (Spoilers)

  • Title – Rattlesnake (The Ahanna Story)
  • Director – Ramsey Noah
  • Producer – Charles Okpaleke
  • Location – Lagos, South Africa
  • Main Cast- Stan Nze
  • Year – November 13, 2020

Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story

Rattle Snake, (The Ahanna Story) is the remake of Rattlesnake, a movie that was earlier released 1995 as directed by late Amake Igwe.

The story line was about a robbery gang and that was maintained in the remake. Just as the first production, the remake was star studded as a lot of the currently trending Nollywood stars were actively involved in the movie.

Some of the stars include Ramsey Noah, Omotola Jalade, Stan Nze, Efa Iwere, Buchi Frankly, T-Boss, Fred Amata, Norbert Young, Osaze Ighadaro, Nengi Hampson, Tobi Bakare among many others.

Stan Nze whose name was Ahanna played the role of a child without a father at a young age. He was left at the village to live with his grandmother while his younger sister was taken to the city along his mother shortly after his father’s death.

Due to the difficult live he was stocked with in the village, his grandmother gave him the contact address of his mother in Lagos for a greener pasture.

To his dismay, he found his mother living large and already remarried to another man. He became more angry when he found out that his sister is actually his step-sister and has been sent abroad while he suffered in the village.

This anger led to the death of his mother by his hands and turned him to an armed robber. He was able to gather as his robbery gang members, some other young Nigerians who had one thing or the other against the government.

The robbery gang named “the Armadas” had Ahanna, Nze, Egbe, Bala, Sango, and Amarachi as members. They became a threat to the society in no time, but not without a price.

Rating Rattlesnake: The Ahanna story might not be such a hard work, so let us get it started.

Ahanna was flung out of a moving bus in Lagos and that scene was well acted, also the bruises he got from that incident were well costumed.

On the other hand, the way he got an express ticket to sell books for a total stranger might not be so realistic. Telling Bala that he was robbed of all his valuables in Lagos was suppose to be a turn off. This is because that story line is what a regular fraudster will tell to extort an unsuspecting person.

Also having to see light in Ahanna father’s bakery that was said to have been closed for years in not realistic in Nigeria. Realistically, offices that are running daily do not even have constant power supply in Nigeria.

The scene where the Armadas were to steal the Benin sculpture was not well acted. The director and script writer should have done a better job in validating the tactics used in successfully stealing it.

Costuming the armed robbery gang members who went to prison for five years was not balanced. In the movie, only Nze came out of the prison with rough and outgrown hair. It would have been more realistic if Egbe and Bala also looked unkempt just like Nze.

It was nice to see that the Nigerian Police force could make it in time to a crime scene as depicted in the movie. The most lovely part of it was that they also went there with an helicopter. Though the helicopter did not land or communicated with the policemen on ground, that scene looks like the future we are asking for in the fight against crime in Nigeria.

One major disappointment in this movie was the intense hype that BBNaija former housemate, Nengi Hampson acted in it. In fact most of the people who rushed to the cinema to see it, did because of her, only to be disappointed.

Nengi’s appearance in the movie of over two hours was not up to thirty seconds. At the end of the movie, the viewers felt scammed and unhappy.

The producer of the movie should have looked for a better selling point, because business should firstly be about integrity.

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