Rat Fever Kills 70 In Sri Lanka

The Epidemiology Unit of Sri Lanka‘s Health Ministry has confirmed that seventy people have died while over 6,000 others have been infected with rat fever in the country. The Ministry stated that an increase in the number of patients was reported in January, February and May.

Official statistics showed that 6,096 patients were infected with rat fever as at September, while the highest number of patients were reported from Ratnapura in south-central Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, more than 1,300 patients were reported Ratnapura while over 200 patients were reported in Kalutara. Also, the southern town of Galle reported over 200 patients.

In 2019, a total of 6,021 rat fever patients were reported across the country and the most vulnerable were farmers, drain workers, canal cleaners, and persons who swam and played in contaminated water.

According to medical officers, the symptoms for rat fever include fever, chills, conjunctival suffusion, muscle tenderness, headache, and a decrease in passing urine. The Epidemiology has, however, advised those suffering from these symptoms have been advised to seek medical treatment immediately.

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